BBQ Corn with Chilli, Lime and Butter




  1. Preheat the BBQ.
  2. Place the corn directly on BBQ on high heat, turning occasionally, until charred and cooked through, about 10 minutes total.
  3. While they're cooking, melt the butter.
  4. Take them off the BBQ and immediately coat in butter and sprinkle with salt to taste.
  5. If you’re feeling adventurous – serve with lime juice, chilli & coriander (all optional but very good).

Ingredients for BBQ Corn with Chilli, Lime and Butter

Corn Loose Each

$1.49 ea

Ballantyne Butter Salted Traditional 250g

$6.79 ea

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 240g

$7.99 ea

Lime Each

$1.60 ea

Fresh Herbs Coriander Bunch

$0.99 ea

Popcorn on Cob (3 pack)

$1.99 ea