2 Ways With Blood Orange


The rich, sweet, berry-like characteristics of blood oranges make them fantastic to drink and great for a truly unique salad. Try out these simple tasty ways to enjoy this special fruit.

Citrus & Grapefruit salad with nuts and pomegranate 


  • 2 x blood oranges
  • 1 x navel oranges 
  • 1 x ruby grapefruit
  • pomegranate seeds
  • walnuts
  • sugar snap peas


            1. Neatly peel the fruit
            2. Slice blood oranges and grapefruit, retain any extra juices to use as a dressing
            3. Cut orange into segments, retain any extra juices & combine with blood orange and grapefruit juice. 
            4. Lightly toast desired amount of walnuts
            5. Layer and combine sliced ingredients together, sprinkle over walnuts, peas and pomegranate seeds 
            6. Pour over dressing to taste

            Blood Orange Punch


                • 1.5L blood orange juice, chilled
                • 3 cans (330mL each) natural chilled orange soda (San Pellegrino Aranciata) 
                • 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
                • 5 dashes bitters
                • 1 blood orange, or orange, cut into 1/4-inch-thick wedges and frozen


                                  1. Fill ice cube trays with 1.5 cups (375mL) blood orange juice, and freeze.
                                  2. Stir remaining blood orange juice, soda, lime juice and bitters into a 16 cup punch bowl.
                                  3. Before serving, add frozen orange slices. Add ice cubes as needed to keep chilled.

                                  For extra punch and an alcoholic twist add 240mL of a light rum 


                                  Ingredients for 2 Ways With Blood Orange

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