Spirited Sparkling Espresso Martini Case 24 x 250ml

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Spirited Sparkling Espresso Martini Can

Spirited Beverages are a small Tasmania producer of both fine spirits and mixers. They make everything that goes into our premium pre-mix cans. We focus on quality and sustainability.

All of their products are ultra-low in sugar. They want you to taste the spirits accentuated by the subtle flavours of our mixers, using natural flavours and nothing artificial to ensure a high-quality product. The cans are recyclable aluminium, the packaging is recyclable cardboard, the shipping cartons are recycled cardboard and the tape on them is biodegradable.

The vodka is a perfect reflection of pure Tasmania: clean, clear and crisp. It is matched with the best cold brew coffee in Australia, a hint of vanilla and a small amount of natural cane sugar. We then lightly carbonate for a sparkling rendition of a cocktail classic.

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