Soumah Brachetto Frizzante Yarra Valley VIC Case 12x750ml

$313.09 ea
  • Soumah Brachetto Frizzante Case | Harris Farm Online
  • Soumah Brachetto Frizzante Case | Harris Farm Online

Soumah Brachetto Frizzante Case

“This pink blush sparkling wine from this quality Yarra Valley producer almost needs a warning label on it. Something like "Drink carefully and slowly otherwise the bottle will soon be empty!"
Moreish is the word I would normally use. I think I have previously used emminently gluggable. You are smart folks out there so I am sure you get it - this is a bloody good drop. It goes hand in hand with the last bursts of warm weather here as well as pretty good as an aperitivo but good support for say a risotto with asparagus and peas! Yum.

Strawberries, raspberries, musk and lemons on the nose and palate, just right perfect soft bubbles supporting the fruit. On the riper than dry side but balanced not cloying, just fine. Loved drinking this. Can you tell?” 94 Points. Paul Ippolito.

Sustainable Management, Vegan friendly.

Wine maker: Scott McCarthy

Situated an average of 120 metres above sea level, our vineyard is elevated up off the Valley Floor which gives some protection against winter frosts while gentle slopes help drain the soil. SOUMAH have a ‘supervised control’ philosophy in relation to viticulture practices. The French call it Lutte raisonnée or ‘reasoned fight’. The basis for this philosophy is to reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides as these will eventually degrade the soil and make a weaker vine.


**Please note vintages may vary from store to store or when delivered**

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