Smooze Fruit Ice Simply Coconut x8 552g

$7.99 ea
  • Smooze Ice Box Coconut 552g , Grocery-Confection - HFM, Harris Farm Markets
  • Smooze Fruit Ice Simply Coconut x8 552g

Smooze - Fruit Ice - Coconut (8x65mL, 552g)

100% All-Natural & Free from Artificial Additives. There's no small print.

Freshly-pressed coconut milk combined with fruit juices and purees

Smooze makes a healthy, deliciously-refreshing, anytime treat for adults and children alike; after yoga, gym, work or school, after dinner, reading a book, watching TV, by the pool, at a BBQ, or anytime you feel like a guilt-free, dairy-free, nutritious refreshment. Guaranteed to delight your children or your inner child; we think you’ll fall in love with Smooze.

Smooze is purchased as boxes of 8; you then freeze them at home, so no more melted disappointment before you get there!

Why it's good for you?

  • Simply Coconut Smooze is an all-natural, ice-cream alternative
  • Some of the medium chain fatty acids in coconut milk are identical to those found in human breast milk – they are highly nutritious
  • It’s a simple combination of coconut milk and all-natural vegetable gums
  • It’s like vegan ice-cream but much better for you
  • It relaxes your mind (not scientifically proven of course but it just kinda does)

Why we love it

  • Simply Coconut is a truly delicious, frozen coconut treat
  • It’s not artificially flavoured so the gentle coconut flavour is true to life
  • Coconut fats are good for you. Simply Coconut is higher in calorie content than the fruit varieties of Smooze but we’re still talking less than the same sized serve of ice cream
  • You can plate this one up as a dessert and serve with your favourite berries or pudding – YUMMO!
  • You can blend this one with a little milk (rice, soy, almond or dairy) and a banana - amazing

Suitable for

Dairy intolerant, the health-focussed, coconut-loving, people who love sensuous textures on their tongue

Smooze Fruit Ice: Simply Coconut 65mL

Ingredients: Coconut milk 80%, natural cane sugar, maltodextrin, fructose, stabiliser (tara gum, xanthan gum), natural flavour, salt

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