Hazeldenes Free Range Chicken 1.3-1.8kg

$14.38 ea

Hazeldenes Australian Whole Chicken Free Range

Our Fresh Chicken Products

Hazeldene’s produce some of the best poultry in this country. With a really strong focus on quality, our stock is sought after by the major supermarkets, butchers, charcoal chicken shops, smaller retailers, and wholesalers. We were the first poultry producer in the southern hemisphere to implement Aeroscalding – a process prior to plucking that retains all skin layers, reduces cross contamination and microbiological load, and results in better tasting chicken. We were also among the first to implement Air Chilling, a process we are strongly committed to – which reduces the moisture content in poultry, meaning you pay for protein not water – and it has a much better shelf life than those who exclusively deep water chill.

Find out more about Hazeldenes Chicken here.

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Please note:

This product is a variable weight product, so the relevant quote is the $/kg price:

  • When you buy, you will pay for the heaviest weight quoted for this product.
  • When we select the product in store, we will weigh it and refund you for the difference between the weight paid and the actual weight received.

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