Tomato Roma Each

$1.19 ea
$12.49 per kg

Tomatoes Roma or Tomatoes Egg

Roma Tomatoes - also know as egg tomatoes.

Roma tomatoes are a red and firmer-skinned tomato with a sweet, juicy flesh, used both fresh and for processing. They tend to be oblong in shape (hence the nickname egg tomatoes) and heavy for their size. Usually they are dearer than gourmets. They are highly nutritious, sweet and delicious due to their natural sugars content; sucrose and fructose. They are a good source of vitamin C and supply some vitamin E, folate and dietary fibre.

Select those which are bright red for immediate use.

Ripen and store at room temperature until they are brightly coloured and slightly soft. We do not encourage refrigerating tomatoes as it will reduce the flavour and ability to ripen well.

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