Smooze Fruit Ice Coconut Pink Guava x8 552g

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  • Smooze Ice Box Guava 552g , Grocery-Confection - HFM, Harris Farm Markets
  • Smooze Fruit Ice Coconut Pink Guava x8 552g

Smooze Fruit Ice Coconut Pink Guava x8 552g

Pink Guava is a truly tropical fruit found only in tropical countries and its distinctive taste and texture lends itself perfectly to blending with freshly-pressed coconut milk. Researchers have found that Pink Guava may provide anti-prostate cancer benefits and has an antioxidant content that almost matches blueberries. Pink guavas are high in fibre, and their total vitamin C content makes this fruit a possible nominee for number 1 tropical fruit in the world.

Why it's good for you?

  • Pink Guava is a great source of vitamin C, containing four times more than oranges
  • Pink Guava contains more potassium than bananas which are often used as the benchmark for fruit-based potassium
  • The fibre content of Pink Guava is very soothing and restorative to the digestive tract
  • Pink Guava Smooze has very little added sugar and the only reason it’s there is because when we eat a frozen product, the tongue requires more sweetness in order to detect sweetness
  • Pink Guava Smooze has a very short ingredient list which speaks volumes about its purity

Why we love it

  • Pink Guava Smooze simply tastes magnificent and despite many people not knowing what a guava tastes like, they’re always pleasurably surprised
  • The texture is creamy yet oh-so-fruity-and-refreshing
  • The freshness of the taste lets you know instantly this was packed on the farm
  • Freeze-at-home means you’ll never have to deal with disappointingly-melted product trying to race home
  • It’s unique

Why we distribute this product

Pink Guava Smooze was a must-have variety for the Australian market because of its exotic source. You simply cannot buy pink guavas in Australia and, true to their name, the Pink Guava Smooze is naturally-gently pink so they look delicious. The fruity freshness of this product makes it the perfect guilt-free tropical treat for those wanting a guilt-free, dairy free frozen delight.

Suitable for

Those wanting to explore the exotic, lovers of pink, those who enjoy tropical fruits and everyone in between

Smooze Fruit Ice: Coconut & Pink Guava 65mL

Ingredients: Pink guava juice 47% (from puree), coconut milk 40%, natural cane sugar, fruit pectin, citric acid, natural fruit flavours, ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

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