Mrs Trans Kitchen Thick Rice Vermicelli 300g

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Mrs Trans Kitchen Thick Rice Vermicelli 

This Thick Rice Vermicelli has been reformulated to drastically speed up cooking times. Made from only natural ingredients, it’s the perfect ingredient for soups and curries.

 - Only natural ingredients

-  Super quick to cook

- Gentle on the digestive system

Ingredients: Rice (90%), Water, Salt.

Nutrition Information:

Servings per Package: 4 - Serving Size: 75g

Avg Qty per Serving  Avg Qty per 100g



- Gluten 

Fat, Total

- Saturated


- Sugars


1110 kJ

4.5 g

Not Detected

0 g

0 g

63 g

0 g

11 mg

1480 kJ

6 g

Not Detected

0 g 

0 g

84 g

0 g

15 mg

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