Mrs Toddy's Tonic Maui Bliss 250ml

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  • Mrs Toddy's Tonic Maui Bliss | Harris Farm Online
  • Mrs Toddy's Tonic Maui Bliss | Harris Farm Online

Mrs Toddy's Tonic Maui Bliss Juniper Berry, Chamomile and Lemon

Designed for days when life goes too fast, Chill Out Tonic is a nourishing blend of botanicals to restore harmony in mind, body and spirit. Unwind with butterfly pea, chamomile and hemp oil and find Zen one sip at a time.

250ML sized bottle allows you to drink our Chill Out with your meal or take it on the go with you. 

Chill Out Tonic is a daily wellness tonic may assist with reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation.  Helping take the 3pm edge off when you are a loose end with the combination of both hemp oil and chamomile.

Every ingredient in our Chill Out Tonic  blend is intentionally crafted with botanicals selected to support relaxation of mind, body and spirit. Juniper berries have been used in medicines since ancient times as a powerful antioxidant. 

Today, we understand that juniper possesses volatile oils that contain monoterpenes like limonene, camphor and beta-pinene with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anticancer properties. Paired with calming ingredients like hemp oil and chamomile, this blend is the perfect natural answer to the stresses we see in everyday life.

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