Matis Halva Vanilla 400g

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  • Matis Halva Vanilla 400g
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Matis - Halva - Vanilla


Tahini is a natural product, a pure paste made of hulled and roasted sesame seeds, without any artificial additive or preservative - a wholesome, healthy food.

Halva contains 50% tahini, so it carries all the nutritional value of natural sesame paste. It is a healthy, natural product, rich in proteins, calcium and precious antioxidants, providing energy and power to the body.

Since 1898, MATIS family produces halva with the traditional recipe brought by Athanasios Matis from Aivali in Asia Minor. Today, over a century later, MATIS traditional products guarantee superior quality and excellent taste.

Matis halva is hand-made and is produced according to the traditional family recipe since 1898.

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