Kreol Prebiotic Sparkling Drink Mango, Lime and Tumeric 330ml

$4.99 ea

Kreol - Prebiotic Sparkling Drink - Mango, Lime & Turmeric

PREBIOTIC SPARKLING DRINK - Feels as good as it tastes

Looking at the bottle, you might be surprised to learn they're able to squeeze billions of live cultures, containing multiple strains of live probiotics, into every drink. This includes Lactobacillus Plantarum and Bacillus Coagulans, two of the most powerful probiotics that help to aid digestive function and strengthen your microbiota. They sound like magic because they are.

Over 1,000 different bacteria species live in our gut both good and bad, they have carefully selected two of the star probiotics that are proven to give great support to your gut microbiota and digestion.

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