Huskee Reusable Coffee Cup Charcoal 236ml

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  • Huskee Reusable Coffee Cup Charcoal 236ml
  • Huskee Reusable Coffee Cup Charcoal 236ml

Huskee Reusable Coffee Cup Charcoal

An estimated 2,700,000 paper coffee cups get thrown out in Australia every day. Unfortunately, these takeaway cups are non-recyclable, which means they all go directly to landfill.Ā 

Want to know how you can avoid contributing to this statistic, recycle waste from coffee productionĀ AND enjoy your favourite cup of coffee? Well, theĀ Huskee Reusable CoffeeĀ CupĀ isĀ made fromĀ coffee husk, which is the raw waste material that'sĀ produced during the milling stage of coffee production.

TheyĀ are the perfect waste-free alternative to single-use coffee cups that are created using resources that already exist! *Woohoo*

This sophisticated, highly durable and sustainable coffee cup is designed to beĀ slim and grip-able for maximum comfort. Made with ergonomic fins, keeping the cup cool to touch, with unique thermal properties allowing your coffee to stayĀ hotter for longer.Ā The Huskee Cup is also BPA free, FDA approved food safe and dishwasher friendly.Ā 

Good for you & the planet:

  • Durable and reusable
  • Non-toxic (BPA Free)
  • Dishwasher Friendly
  • Universal Lid and Saucer
  • Keeps your coffee hotter for longer
  • Repurposes waste material (coffee husk)
  • Comfortable to hold
Cup dimensions:

Height: 97mm
Diameter: 87mm
Weight: 121g
Capacity: 235ml

Material: Eco-composite polymer, coffee husk waste, food contact approved, BPA free

HuskeeCup is material from the coffee husk, a byproduct of the coffee industry. This innovative repurposing approach breathes new life into this waste, aligning sustainability with style. Not only does this contribute to the financial well-being of our coffee farmers, but it also mitigates the problem of waste accumulation in landfills and reduces the risk of pest infestations and fire hazards.

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