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Current Charity - Kids Giving Back

Kids Giving Back is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meaningful volunteer experiences for children aged 5-18, along with their families and corporate groups. This exceptional organization believes in the power of volunteerism to shape character, instill empathy, boost self-esteem, and reduce stress and anxiety in children. Their mission aligns seamlessly with Harris Farm's values of community engagement and ethical responsibility.

Just $5 = 1 Meal 

Check out more about Kids Giving Back in our blog post HERE


When you choose to Pay-it-forward, no matter the amount, you help us to provide direct support to locals in need through our products.

Every pay-it-forward is combined and turned into store vouchers, which charities use to get what they need for their community.

Thank you for your generosity. Together we can have a big impact, one pay-it-forward at a time.

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