Garage Project Crispy Club Canis Lupus 16 x 330ml

$69.99 ea

Garage Project Crispy Club Canis Lupus

IRST RELEASED - February 2022
BREWED WITH - Hops: Southern & Riwaka Malts: Best Heidleberg, Best Munich, Best Chit Best Acidulated.

Crispy Club, a series of ‘new wave’ lagers, playfully hopped and cold conditioned for a cleaner flavour. Crispy Club Canis Lupus, brewed with Southern Cross, Riwaka, and New Zealand grown Cascade, creating a crisp dry lager with snappy bitterness and fresh notes of lime and tropical fruit. Superbly refreshing and ferociously drinkable. Join the club.

Brewed in Australia on behalf of GP by our good friends at Hopnation

Artist: Janine Wareham

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