Epiros Light Greek Feta 200G

$3.99 ea

Epiros Light Greek Feta 

EPIROS Light White is a white cheese product in brine. It’s made of 100% Greek, partly skimmed, fresh milk and its fat content is barely 12%. EPIROS Light is part of the successful EPIROS range of products and was produced to cover the need for low fat white cheese, following contemporary consumer trends. It is the most appropriate product for those who want the taste of traditional feta, without the fat. EPIROS Light White has only 56 calories and 3.6g of fat per 30g portion while remaining rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. It’s ideal as an accompaniment for Greek salads and pulse and vegetable dishes and as an ingredient for pies etc.

EPIROS Light White…naturally light, naturally tasty!

A 100% Greek product, its quality guaranteed by the EPIROS brand.

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