Dasher and Fisher Mountain Gin 500ml

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Dasher and Fisher Mountain Gin

Burgess' Mountain Gin is his Tassie riff on the classic London Dry. It's loosely based on a 200-year-old recipe using 100% maceration, and takes in what Burgess describes as "a tonne of Juniper". This is layered with a lick of spice from Tasmanian pepperberries harvested from the foothills of the Blue Tier, and herbs found on the way to Cradle Mountain. There's also a roll-call of traditional dry Gin botanicals including coriander seeds, cardamom and liquorice.

Burgess is right--this is a full blooded, juniper-bomb, with a starring role given to the native pepperberries. The herbs further highlight Mountain's lifted personality. There's a wildly fragrant shot of alpine freshness, with deep, lingering coriander and earthy liquorice, which latch expertly onto the musky, piney juniper, topped off by the zing of the mountain pepper. Perfect for a Martinez or a Gin Sour, or garnish your G&T with a fresh sprig of lavender.

Country - Tasmania, Australia
Bottle Size - 500ml
ABV - 42%

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