Beluga Noble Russian Vodka 700ml

$69.00 ea

Beluga Noble Vodka

Origin: Russia

The refined, rich taste of Beluga Russian Vodka comes from its unique composition, mainly due to the malt spirit and the purest water from Siberian artesian wells. These carefully selected natural components pass through a triple filtering system, before resting for 30 days, resulting in a vodka of superior quality.

The highly desirable Beluga brand is produced on the outskirts of Siberia, 300 km from the nearest settlement. Named after the prized caviar, it's created on a foundation of wheat and malt spirit which undergoes quartz filtration and post-sand filtration. A resting period of around thirty days in stainless steel helps to neutralize the aroma and enhance the mouth feel. While it’s technically a straight vodka, it also includes tiny proportions of honey, oat extract and Silybum marianum extract (aka milk thistle), and the final product is cut back with a last key ingredient - artesian Siberian water.

As one of a handful of affordable, must-try Russian vodkas currently exported, Beluga comes with a premium presentation to match its contents. Everything about it screams luxury. Bloggers and drinks writers frequently rank 'Noble' with the best of the best. It's a superbly pure, ethereal spirit and a highlight in its category.

Tasting notes: Crystal clear. Almost neutral aromatics reveal nuances of cream and meringue followed by a touch of white pepper. Super smooth, satiny entry leads into an off dry profile with a texture verging on creamy, followed by hints of wet stone, talc and meringue. Finishes with a delicate pepper burst. Aftertaste is silky, gently warming, dry and super clean. Highly polished. 40% Alc./Vol.

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