Tomahawk Steak


Think of a frenched lamb cutlet, but bigger, much, much bigger! The Tomahawk is a very large rib eye beef steak attached to the bone. It's the bone where the Tomahawk take its name from - the large 30cm rib bone left on the cut gives it a distinct tomahawk shape.Tomahawk steaks each weigh between 1.6-2.1kg. They’re designed to be brought to the table, then carved and shared between 4 or more people.

How do you cook a steak that is that big?

  • Remove from fridge 20 mins before cooking.
  • Brush with olive oil and season liberally with sea salt and black pepper.
  • Preheat BBQ to hot.
  • Brown steak well on all sides, including its girth.
  • Lower the BBQ to moderate heat, close the hood and cook for 15-20 mins for medium rare.
    If you have one, it’s best to use an internal meat thermometer to gauge its doneness.
  • 55-60°C for very rare up to rare.
  • 63°C medium-rare.
  • 70°C for medium.

Take it out of the barbecue or oven just shy of your preferred doneness as it will continue to cook for a few minutes as it rests.

Let it rest in a warm place for 15 minutes before serving
Cover it loosely with foil to keep the warmth in, avoid covering it too tightly, this will make it sweat.

Take your Tomahawk to the table to show it off
We suggest taking it to the table to serve. It’ simple to carve, cut the meat from the bone along the bone’s arch in one piece. Then carve the piece of meat into thin slices.

Something this impressive needs very little in the way of sauces and salads. Go for some good quality mustards or horseradish, and a simple leafy green salad. It could also be the perfect time to pull out that bottle of really good red!


Ingredients for Tomahawk Steak

Beef Yearling Tomahawk Steak 700g-1.5kg

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