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Apples Delicious Large (box 12kg)

$58.00 ea

Apples Fuji Small (box 12 kg)

$61.50 ea

Apples Granny Smith (box 12kg)

$41.00 ea

Apples Pink Lady (box 12kg)

$35.00 ea

Asparagus (box of 34 bunches)

$63.50 ea

Bananas Hand (box 13kg)

$35.00 ea

Broccoli (box 8kg)

$39.92 ea

Broccolini (box 12)

$22.50 ea

Capsicum Red (box 5kg)

$50.50 ea

Capsicums - Green (box 8kg)

$43.50 ea

Carrots (20 x 1kg Prepacks)

$22.50 ea

Cauliflower (box 10)

$25.00 ea

Celery (box 10)

$59.90 ea

Coconuts Drinking (box 9)

$24.00 ea

Corn (box of 30)

$12.00 ea

Dates (box 5kg)

$68.00 ea

Eggplant (box 7kg)

$27.93 ea

Fennel Loose (box 20)

$29.00 ea

Lettuce (box 10)

$22.49 ea

Lettuce (box 12)

$36.00 ea

Lettuce Baby Cos (box 8)

$11.50 ea

Mushrooms Flat (box 4kg)

$36.50 ea

Mushrooms Swiss Brown (box 2kg)

$25.00 ea

Onions Brown (10 x 1.5kg packs)

$31.00 ea

Onions Spanish (box 10kg)

$19.50 ea

Oranges - Valencia (box 15kg)

$29.50 ea

Oranges - Valencia (Box 15kg)

$16.00 ea

Potatoes Brushed (box 15kg)

$22.50 ea

Raspberries (tray of 12 punnets)

$47.50 ea

Strawberries Large (tray of 15 punnets)

$57.00 ea

Strawberries Small (tray of 12-15 punnets)

$22.50 ea

Tomatoes Cherry (tray of 15 punnets)

$32.00 ea

Tomatoes Egg (box 10kg)

$38.00 ea

Tomatoes Medium Large (box 10kg)

$35.00 ea

Tomatoes Small Medium (box 10 kg)

$21.00 ea

Tomatoes Truss (tray 5kg)

$47.00 ea

Zucchini Black (box 10kg)

$36.00 ea


 Harris Farm Markets has always offered premium wholesale produce at amazing prices and now you can order these online as well for the convenience of having it delivered to your home or office. We offer a range of produce, from seasonal fruits and vegetables to pre-cut lines for juicing blending. If you are looking for a supplier for your cafe or business, look no further. We will deliver all your boxes to your door within same day for most produce. We are famous for providing the freshets and best quality produce at genuine low prices, and you can expect the same quality in our online service too. 

How does delivery work?

Simply place your order in our website , choose the items you'd like to order and place your order with us by choosing a delivery date and a time. We will organise the stock for your order and have it delivered on your chosen timeslot and deliver it to your kitchen bench. It is that simple.

We offer a convenient 1-hour timeslot so that your are not waiting for your order whole day, unsure when it will be delivered. We have expert staff trained to hand-pick your fruit and vegetables and pack it in boxes for you with minimal plastic bags, doing our part for the environment as well as delivering your goods safely. 

If anything is out of stock, we give you a call to offer a suitable replacement. If you are not happy with the replacement we will process a full refund within a day. 

To check out our range of Wholesale produce, please click here.