Easiest Potato Gratin with Milk & Oregano




  1. Preheat oven to 200 C
  2. Slice the peeled potatoes into 0.5cm thick slices, keeping each potato’s slices together once sliced (see video).
  3. Grease a 22-25cm round baking dish (or similarly sized square/rectangular baking dish) with butter, thoroughly coating the base and sides. Arrange the sliced potatoes into the greased dish so that they overlap and fit snugly. Squeeze the ends/offcuts of the potatoes in to fill any gaps between the larger slices (see video).
  4. Sprinkle the potatoes with the salt and oregano. Pour the milk over the potatoes so that the milk comes up almost till the edge of the dish, leaving just a 1-2cm rim. Dot the cubed butter on top then place the dish into the oven to bake (preferably placed on a baking tray to catch any drips) for 75-90 minutes, or until the top is golden and bubbly and the potatoes are fully cooked. This time will vary quite a bit depending on the potatoes, so use a sharp knife to check doneness; the potatoes should be very soft with no resistance when the knife is inserted.


  • You might need slightly more or less milk, depending on the baking dish you use. Just make sure the potatoes are fitting snugly, and that the milk reaches almost to the top of the dish, with just 1-2cm of space above.

Prep time: 10min.
Cook time: 1-1.5hr.
Serves: 6.

Recipe and video created by Matters of the BellyClick here to see her blog. 

Potato Gratin Recipe

Potato Gratin Recipe

Potato Gratin Recipe

Ingredients for Easiest Potato Gratin with Milk & Oregano

Potato Brushed Each

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Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 240g

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Chef's Choice Himalayan Pink Fine Salt 300g

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Gourmet Organic Herbs Oregano 10g

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Ballantyne Butter Salted Traditional 250g

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