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Strawberries Large 250g

$5.99 ea

Strawberries Premium 250g

$7.99 ea

Strawberries are now recovered from the recent heavy rains and we have some fantastic fruit on offer this week. There is downward pressure on prices being exerted by the fantastic blueberry offer this week. Providing there is no more big rains, both berries will be fantastic quality and very well priced. I think early August is the best time of the year for berries.

The perfect strawberry should be fully coloured, firm, bright, plump and shiny. Size plays no part in determining the perfect strawberry. In fact, small strawberries are equally as sweet and juicy as large ones. Make sure the cap (calyx) is attached, green and fresh-looking.

The moisture content of strawberries is high, so always remove fruit from punnets and place (unwashed) in a large container lined with absorbent paper. Strawberries are best stored at 4°C, either uncovered or loosely covered. Serve at room temperature. Only remove their caps after washing and just prior to use.