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Brussels Sprout min 500g

$2.50 ea

Brussels Sprouts Prepack 500g

$4.50 ea

My pick this week is Brussels sprouts. It is a very old-fashioned vegetable that has done a marvelous job of reinventing itself. In my childhood, bitter tasting Brussels were something most kids despised. Now with smaller sweeter strains, this product has become very popular.Β  Now prepared in combination with salmon, bacon and a myriad of other options - there would hardly be a trendy restaurant in Sydney that does not have them at some stage on their winter menu! Very high in vitamin C, they are a Brassica and part of the cabbage family, and absolutely one of our most popular winter vegies.

Select firm brussels sprouts with bright, compact leaves.

Store unwashed in a plastic bag in fridge for up to three days.