Our Favourite Avocado Toast




        1. Toast your favourite bread 
        2. Spread the flesh of avocado over the toast
        3. Squeeze over the juice of a fresh lime & lemon
        4. Sprinkle over salt, pepper and coriander to taste.

        Ingredients for Our Favourite Avocado Toast

        Avocados Small (each)

        $2.99 ea

        Sonoma Country White 630g

        $6.49 ea

        Limes (each)

        $0.66 ea

        Lemons (each)

        $1.00 ea

        Maldon Sea Salt 240g

        $5.99 ea

        G Grinder Black Pepper 50g

        $2.99 ea

        Lemons Organic (each)

        $1.33 ea

        Coriander (bunch)

        $2.29 ea