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Prawns King Cooked 500g

$22.99 ea

Order Seafood Online Sydney

At Harris Farm Markets, the soul focus when it comes to customers ordering seafood online is the freshness and quality of the product. We believe at Harris Farm that providing the most economically sourced seafood and in a large variety is the ultimate goal. 'Sydney Fresh Seafood' is one of the very known industries Harris Farm deals with when sourcing seafood directly.

Simple and Quick

Anyone wishing to order seafood online can do it conveniently right in the comfort of their home or office. Upon delivery, Harris Farm Markets, can guarantee your seafood will arrive fresh and you request of seafood will be of the freshest and finest quality direct at your doorstep. Harris Farm guarantees the customers that the seafood they wish to be delivered is at their convenience whenever they wish, along with our expert picking team who have years of experience in terms of picking the freshest, quality seafood products. 

Seafood from Harris Farm

Harris Farm Markets has been delivering amazing quality seafood to some of the finest establishments. Our excellent reputation in regards to delivering fresh seafood and quality foods is second to none. Some of the finest chefs and restaurants trust Harris Farm when it comes to their choice of a seafood company.  You can browse our website for our extensive variety of seafood.  If you need more information about our products and services then we would gladly answer all of your questions. Some products that’s we sell include, oysters and cooked tiger prawns, as well as whole calamari and fresh scallops.