An Imperfect Orange Granita


We've all suffered through a spotty day or two, so we know it's only skin deep. Use our frost bitten navels that are super sweet on the inside to create this imperfect orange granita.


    • Imperfect oranges
    • Caster sugar


      1. Squeeze juice and strain.
      2. Taste orange juice for sweetness, whisk in castor sugar if necessary. 9 times out of 10 the oranges are sweet enough.
      3. Freeze in a tray and stir juice every hour or two until frozen.
      4. To serve rake frozen juice with fork to make granita.
      5. For adults add your favourite alcohol (Cointreau works well or Vodka).
      Recipe by Alex Kearns.

      Ingredients for An Imperfect Orange Granita

      Golden Shore Caster Sugar 1kg

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      Orange Imperfect Navel Each

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