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Apples Custard (each)

$6.99 ea

Apples Fuji Large (each)

$1.19 ea

Apples Granny Smith (each)

$0.85 ea

Apples Granny Smith Organic (each)

$1.13 ea

Apples Jazz (each)

$1.31 ea

Apples Jonathan (each)

$0.49 ea

Apples Pink Lady (each)

$0.76 ea

Apples Pink Lady Organic (each)

$1.44 ea

Apples Red Delicious Large (each)

$0.85 ea

Apples Royal Gala (each)

$0.91 ea

Avocados Large (each)

$4.49 ea

Avocados Small (each)

$2.99 ea

Bananas Eco (5 in a bunch)

$5.12 ea

Bananas Imperfect Pick Value Range (5 in a bunch)

$1.39 ea

Bananas Lady Finger (5 in a bunch)

$7.69 ea

Bananas Large (5 in a bunch)

$2.29 ea

Bananas Organic (5 in a Bunch)

$4.49 ea

Bananas Smart (min 750g pack)

$2.99 ea

Blueberries (125g punnet)

$3.33 ea

Blueberries Premium (punnet)

$5.29 ea

Coconut (each)

$2.99 ea

Coconut Drinking (each)

$2.99 ea

Dates (200g pack)

$5.06 ea

Dates - Pitted Loose (min 500g)

$2.50 ea

Figs Black Fresh (each)

$2.29 ea

Fuyu Imperfect Pick Value Range (Each = min 500g)

$1.66 ea

Grapefruit (each)

$1.80 ea

Grapefruit Ruby Red (each)

$1.62 ea

Grapes Black Seedless (min 1kg bag)

$14.69 ea

Grapes Sultana (min 1kg bag)

$4.49 ea

Grapes White (min 1kg bag)

$9.90 ea

Kiwifruit (each)

$0.49 ea

Kiwifruit (each)

$0.74 ea

Kiwifruit Gold (each)

$0.98 ea

Lemons (each)

$1.00 ea

Lemons (min 1kg net)

$1.70 ea

Lemons Imperfect Pick Value Range (Each = min 500g)

$1.70 ea

Lemons Organic (each)

$1.33 ea

Limes (each)

$0.66 ea

Limes Blood (125g punnet)

$3.99 ea

Limes Imperfect Pick Value Range (Each = min 500g)

$2.00 ea

Mandarins Imperial (each)

$0.58 ea

Mandarins Murcott Large (each)

$1.61 ea

Mangoes Cooking (each)

$2.33 ea

Mangoes Kensington Pride (each)

$2.99 ea

Melon Honeydew Large (whole)

$4.49 ea

Melon Spanish (Whole)

$4.49 ea

Oranges Blood (each)

$1.12 ea

Oranges Cara Cara (each)

$0.88 ea

Oranges Navel (3kg net)

$4.49 ea

Oranges Navel Large (each)

$1.28 ea

Oranges Valencia (each)

$0.82 ea

Papaya (each) Red

$7.34 ea

Online Fruit

Some people prefer online fruit delivery while others don't. There are many reasons why people feel comfortable with shopping online.

Save Energy

Online stores sell non-perishable goods such as canned goods; hence if your local grocery store is far from home then you need to spend money for gas. Online fruit delivery can let you save money and time. Making your order can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

More Selections

Some people have the misconception that they will have fewer options when shopping online. However, it will generally depend on the online store that you choose. At Harris Farm Markets, there are a lot of selections that you can choose from when it comes to online fruit delivery. We sell small Hass Avocados, sweet persimmons, pomegranites, 125g punnets of blueberries, 500g of organic bananas, 200g pack of Dates, fresh chestnuts and others.

Excellent Online Service

How often can you get a friendly service at supermarkets? When you shop online, you can get more information about certain products by talking with the customer service representatives. Harris Farm Markets gives priority to their customers by listening to their needs. Harris Farm Markets is a family owned business, so you can count on us to understand the needs of Aussie families. We are committed in providing you with the freshest fruits at affordable prices. This is the main reason why our customers keep on returning to us.