Aussie Lamb Burgers


lamb burger recipe

lamb burger recipe

lamb burger recipe

lamb burger recipe


Lamb patties:



  1. Prepare a large pot of water and place the beetroot into the pot (keep the beetroot whole and unpeeled). Bring to the boil then reduce the heat and simmer with the lid on for 45 minutes or slightly longer until the beetroot is cooked all the way through. Check by using a knife to pierce through to the centre. The beetroot will be ready when the knife can go through to the centre easily. Discard the water and set aside to cool down. 
  2. Whilst the beetroot is cooking, move on to prepare the lamb burger patties. Place the lamb mince, onion, garlic, oregano, coriander, eggs, olive oil, salt and pepper into a bowl and mix through well using your hands. Add the flour and combine well. The mixture needs to feel moist however slightly sticky and firm enough to make patties. Add more flour if necessary. Roll into medium sized balls and flatten so that the diameter is slightly less than the size of the burger roll. 
  3. Heat a large pan with olive oil or ghee. Cook the lamb patties on each side for 3 minutes minimum or until cooked through. If you would like the cheese to be melted, add the grated cheese over each lamb pattie and cover with foil, turn the heat off and set aside for 1 minute. Otherwise serve the cheese grated. 
  4. Remove the ends and skin of the pineapple and slice into fine slices. Separate the iceberg lettuce leaves and wash then dry them. Peel each beetroot and finely slice. 
  5. Slice the burger buns in half however not slicing through completely, leaving one side still attached. Spread the relish or tomato sauce on the base, top with pineapple, the lamb pattie and cheese, the beetroot and lettuce. 

Optional Extra:

  • Chargrill or barbecue the pineapple for extra flavour!

Prep time: 30 minutes.
Cook time: 1 hour.
Makes: 10 burgers.

Recipe and photos by Anastasia Zolotarev. Click here to see her blog.

Ingredients for Aussie Lamb Burgers


Beef - Mince Grass Fed (500g) Tarra Valley

$5.00 ea

Beef - Mince Extra Lean (500g) Tara Valley

$7.50 ea

Onions Brown (each)

$0.50 ea

Garlic (head)

$1.87 ea

Spice & Co (20g) Oregano Leaves

$2.99 ea

Spice & Co (60g) Coriander Ground

$2.99 ea

Coriander Ground 30g Gourmet Organic Herbs

$4.29 ea

Pirovic - Eggs Free Range (12eggs, 660g)

$4.49 ea

Mulloon Creek - Eggs Organic (12eggs, 700g)

$9.99 ea

Colavita - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500mL)

$10.49 ea

Villa Rossi - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1l)

$16.99 ea

White Wing Plain Flour 1kg

$3.29 ea

Fbw Plain Flour 1kg

$1.49 ea

Maldon - Sea Salt Flakes (240g)

$9.49 ea

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 300g Bag

$5.29 ea

G Grinder Black Pepper 50g

$3.49 ea

Spice & Co (60g) Pepper Black Cracked

$2.99 ea

Love Beets - Beetroot Baby Cooked (250g)

$3.49 ea

Beetroot - Head Only (each)

$0.66 ea

Beetroot (bunch)

$3.49 ea

Pineapple Sweet Topless (half)

$3.49 ea

Pineapples Large (each)

$5.69 ea

Lettuce Iceberg (whole)