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Grass Fed Meat

Nowadays, consumers who are health conscious are getting curious about the foods purchased from grocery stores. They want to know if they are buying fruits and vegetables which contain chemicals. They want to make sure that they are buying grass fed meatinstead of those meats which are injected by hormones and other chemicals. The food that we intake can affect our health, which is why, we should be aware of the foods that are harmful for our bodies.

Vegan Lifestyle

If you want to avoid the harmful effects of meats that are injected with hormones then choose to have a veganlifestyle. Although there are some people who can’t live without eating some meat, then you must know the difference between grass fed meat and hormone injected meat.

Hormone Injected Animals

Do you know why animals are being injected with hormones? This is done by farmers who want to gain more profit from their business. Animals that are being injected by hormones can grow faster and as a result the farmer can sell his animal quickly and gain more money. The disadvantage in this process is that the hormones which are injected to the animals can be harmful to our bodies.

Grass Fed Meat

By purchasing grass fed meat, you can enjoy a tasty meat without any hormones injected. You will probably love its taste compared to those meat that are injected by hormones. Choosing meats that are grass fed is also a healthier choice, since the meat has less fat than the tendency is, it is much leaner. Harris Farm Markets sells grass fed lamb Greek shoulders (750-850g), grass fed beef Scotch fillets (150 - 200g) and many more.