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Anchovy Spiced Herrings 550g Viking

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Fruit and Vegetable

Our body requires the accurate amount of fruits and vegetables each day. But what are the ways that you can incorporate fruit and vegetable in your daily diet? Well, there are a variety of ways to do this.


It is preferable to eat fruit in raw rather than eating it dried or processed. We need at least 4 servings of fruits every day, one serving of fruit equivalent to one whole piece of banana, apple or peach. One large slice of watermelon is also equivalent to one serving. You can also combine fruit and vegetable into your usual meal, for instance, adding a banana topping into your breakfast porridge, complement your tea with a piece of fruit or even preparing a salad made of fresh fruits for dessert.


The required amount of vegetables that we need is 5 servings daily and there are a variety of ways that you can accomplish this. Instead of having an egg and a toast for breakfast, why don’t you substitute your toast with wilted spinach? For lunch, you can try having a salad sandwich and for dinner, prepare a vegetable soup.

Be Creative

In incorporating fruit and vegetable into your diet, you should be creative. The first thing to do is to focus on the fruits, vegetables and other foods that can accompany it. Most working class and older citizens will find it hard to visit the markets so why not buy online? Fruit and vegetable delivery is offered at Harris Farm Markets. You can buy lemons, nectarine yellows, oranges navel, strawberries premium, quince plus many more.