To help celebrate Easter, we have put together some craft ideas to keep the kids busy over the Easter holidays!

For paper card bunny bags, click here.

For egg dyeing, click here. 

Egg marbling:

  • Use coloured tissue paper, confetti paper or even small flowers like violets to stick on to eggs with PVC glue. Brush the glue on over the top of the paper or flowers as well to ensure they coat and preserve them. Use an egg carton to help support the egg while you're working.

  • Why not try marbling eggs? Use a marble kit from an art and craft store. They come in all the colours of the rainbow and are a fun and easy way to add some colour to eggs or even cardboard that can then be turned into a paper bunny basket.

  • Plant seeds or edible herbs in egg shells as seedling pots, once the are grown they can be planted into the garden.


Get the older kids involved! Make a fabric bunny bag in which to collect all those Easter eggs from the Easter hunt!

Fabric bunny bag:

All you need to make a bunny bag is some felt or cotton fabric, some embroidery thread, cord tie, a large embroidery needle and some sharp scissors (Adults may need to help cutting out the shapes).

  • Step 1: Cut out 2 pieces of fabric in the shape of a small bag with long ears. The bag can have a round base or a square base depending on your preference. Leave two over sized bunny ears at the top.
  • Step 2: Using the embroidery thread, sew the two pieces together using blanket stitch, leaving an opening at the top. This forms the bunny bag shape and covers the raw edge of the fabric. Add Blanket stick around the bunny ears as well to finish off the look.
  • Step 3: embroider a bunny face on the front of the bag.
  • Step 4: Attach a pom pom or cotton wool bunny tail to the back of the bag.
  • Step 5: Tie the cotton cord around the middle to finish the bag off.


Harris Farm online delivery bunny bunting:

  • Using this free bunny stencil, you can create beautiful bunting out of your delivery boxes! Simply print the stencil and transfer with sharpie or cut the carboard around it. 
  • Once all of your bunnies have been cut out, punch a hole in one of the ears, and thread some string through to create the bunting.
  • For a tail, either add flowers, pom poms from a craft store, or cotton wool with glue!


Steps, styling and photography by Bonnie Coumbe. Visit her site here & Instagram here