Dried Wheat and Billy Button Christmas Wreath




  • X6 bunch’s dried wheat 
  • X5 bunch’s dried billy button flowers 
  • X1 wreath frame, 40cm wide 
  • Floristry wire 
  • 1 1/2m 3cm wide natural coloured cotton ribbon 



  • Seperate and trim the dried wheat storks down to be roughly 30cm. Work with 5-6 wheat storks at a time by threading them through and around the wreath frame, secure them in place with the floristry wire. Work around the wreath until the wheat is completely covering the outside of the frame, don’t worry if its not covering the inside at this stage as the billy buttons will cover this area. 
  • Follow the same process with the billy buttons, but placing them on the inside of the wheat and the frame so its completely covered. Trim the storks off a little shorter (est 20cm), leave a space at the base of the wreath.  
  • Bunch together x2 bunches of est 10 billy buttons, tie the floristry wire around each bunch so its tightly secure. Position the bunches crossed at the base of the wreath, covering up the bare space. Secure them to the frame. Trim the stork ends off once in place. 
  • Tie 1m of the cotton ribbon around the cross of the 2 bunch’s, leaving the ends long.  
  • Tie a loop of the remaining cotton ribbon and secure it at the bake of the wreath at the top, this is to be then attached to your front door.