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Broccoli head

$3.15 ea

Capsicum Red Each

$1.00 ea

Strawberries Queensland Large 250g

$5.50 ea

Blueberries 125g

$5.50 ea

Raspberries 125g

$5.99 ea

Zucchini Black Imperfect min 500g

$2.35 ea

Strawberries Queensland Premium 250g

$5.99 ea

Beans Hand Picked min 500g

$10.65 ea

Apple Granny Smith Premium Small Each

$0.91 ea

Blueberries Premium 125g

$7.99 ea

Lettuce Iceberg

$5.69 ea

Celery Whole

$2.29 ea

Broccoli Organic head

$5.04 ea

Cabbage half

$3.49 ea

Celery Organic

$8.29 ea

Apple Granny Smith Organic Each

$2.07 ea


$5.29 ea

As mentioned elsewhere, berries and particularly premium berries, are very inexpensive and excellent eating. This is the week for berries. Blood oranges are still very good value and all citrus is eating fantastically. I am really enjoying my morning blood orange juice, mixed now with ruby grapefruit. Granny Smith apples are plentiful in this difficult apple year.  

There are lots of very good vegetable options in store this week. Perhaps the most dramatic is the drastic reduction in the red capsicum price, actually below half last week’s price. We have a fantastic brushed potato special this week in all stores. Broccoli remains cheap and good as does celery, imperfect zucchini and iceberg lettuce. Cabbage and Chinese cabbage, spinach and English spinach and top-quality handpicked beans have also all eased in price. Soon, the spring flush of vegetables will commence, and food bills will fall - good news!