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Broccoli Head Each

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Cucumber Lebanese Each

$0.60 ea

Raspberries 125g

$3.75 ea

Asparagus Bunch

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Fresh Herbs Coriander Bunch

$0.99 ea

Spring flush of raspberries is beginning to gain some momentum. The flush of raspberries often coincides with the tail end of the Queensland strawberries season. With many consumers looking for something different, raspberries at this time of the year are always well received.

Blueberries are excellent at the moment. This week we are highlighting our premium range. Our premium range of blueberries are something special to eat and worth every extra cent. The added bonus this week is that premium blueberries are not that much extra!

Northern territory Kensington Pride mango season is underway – albeit a bit slower that recent years. The mangoes are eating well and will continue to improve in the ensuing weeks. Darwin and surrounding areas have been impacted by strong winds causing some fruit to fall to ground. The mangoes that managed to hang on now bear the scars of the wind. This week this fruit is featured in our Imperfect range. Once you get passed the aesthetics, our Imperfect mangoes are great eating and the savings make it so much sweeter.

Spring is well and truly upon us. Pristine growing conditions see the markets well supplied with great quality vegetables. Broccoli is very good value this week with the Riverina in NSW, Darling Downs in Queensland and Werribee in Victoria all supplying large numbers into the markets. Spring truss tomatoes crops have stared with some good numbers and it’s great to see that distinctive dark red tomato that goes missing during the winter.

The wait is over for Australian asparagus. Asparagus season is well and truly here and is already very inexpensive. On a great special in all Harris farm stores, at a third of the price two weeks ago. With the well documented issues with export markets, food service and restaurants operating well below capacity, the Asparagus market crashed in very quick time. Quality is magnificent and the Australian asparagus growers really need the support so grab a bunch or two or three.

There is not much farming in the Sydney basin these days - property prices have all but eroded the industry, however when the opportunity comes, we really love promoting these products. This week we have coriander on special in all stores. Our coriander is picked around 5pm in the evening and dispatched through our DC at 6am the next day! That speed of supply chain efficiency is something the majors can only ever dream of.

Lebanese cucumbers have been expensive for a while, but it looks like that has ended. Some warmer days has seen the new crops surge and the market has eased significantly this week. Planting gaps have caused some supply disruption to conventional basil this week, however organic basil from Mangrove Mountain on the Central coast is available in great numbers with the added bonus of being cheaper than the conventional product.