Following these steps will help you keep your Christmas tree looking and smelling fresh throughout the festive season.

1. Using protective gloves and a tool designed for wood trimming like garden secateurs, trim the base of the tree, taking 2xcm off the stump before you place it on the stand to allow it to access the water.

2. Your stand should fit comfortably around the stump, a tree can take up almost four litres of water in its first few hours in the stand.

3. Check the water level daily, if water drops below the stump, it may seal itself and not be able to absorb the water and the stump may need to be cut again.

4. Place the tree away from sunlit windows and television sets, keep the temperature in the room as low as is practical. But also, be careful if youโ€™re cranking the air con โ€“ this can dry out your tree.

5. Think of your tree like a big, green pet: just as a dog or cat needs fresh water every day, so does a fresh Christmas tree.

6. Donโ€™t forget to dispose of your tree responsibly โ€“ check with your local council for pickup and composting guides.

7. Keep your tree 3 feet away from any heat source and always turn off Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed.