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Sausages - Beef & Basil (450-650g) Joe Papandrea

$12.99 ea

Sausages - Lamb & Rosemary (500-700g) Joe Papandrea

$13.99 ea

Sausages - Pork & Fennel (400-600g) Joe Papandrea

$11.39 ea

Pork - Belly (600-900g)

$13.49 ea

Pork - Fillet (250-550g)

$10.99 ea

Pork - Leg Roast (1.6kg-2.5kg)

$27.48 ea

Pork - Shoulder Roast (1.4kg-2.3kg)

$18.38 ea

Deli - Salami Hungarian (125g) Harris Farm

$5.99 ea

Deli - Mortadella (150g) Harris Farm

$4.95 ea

Deli - Sopressa Mild (125g) Harris Farm

$6.99 ea

Deli - Serrano Ham Sliced (100g) Fresco

$7.99 ea

Deli - Serrano Sliced (300g) Fresco

$11.99 ea

Beef - Rump Cap Whole (1.1kg-1.8kg)

$35.98 ea

Beef - Eye Fillet Whole (850g-1.4kg)

$32.19 ea

Beef - YG Scotch Fillet (1.45kg - 1.70kg) Portion

$61.18 ea

Ham - Smoked Hock (700g-1.2kg)

$13.19 ea

Lamb - Rump w.Herb&Garlic (350-550g)

$16.49 ea

Lamb - Rack Bone In (700g-1.1kg)

$39.59 ea

Pork - Loin (1.5kg-2.2kg)

$37.38 ea

Sausages - Beef Veal & Chives (500-700g) Joe Papandrea

$13.99 ea

Spatchcock - Whole (450-650g) Game Farm

$10.39 ea

Lamb - Boneless Leg Roast (800g-1.2kg)

$20.39 ea

Duck - Fillets (400-550g) Game Farm

$20.98 ea

Quail - Fillets (300-400g) Game Farm

$22.00 ea

Quail - Whole Bird 4pk (600g) Game Farm

$10.79 ea

Lamb - Hindshank Twin Pack (1.1kg-1.4kg)

$19.59 ea

Lamb - Leg Bone In (2.4kg-2.9kg)

$40.57 ea

Beef - Eye Fillet Organic Grass Fed (150-250g) Belmore

$17.50 ea

Beef - Standing Rib Roast (2.8kg-3.6kg)

$82.76 ea

Lamb - Rump (700g-1kg)

$24.99 ea

Deli - Pancetta Sliced (125g) Harris Farm

$6.99 ea

Beef - Tomahawk Steak Yearling (900g-1.3kg)

$42.89 ea

Ham - Double Smoked Portion (700g-1.25kg) Pastoral

$21.24 ea

Bacon - Shortcut Smoked (200g) Pialligo

$7.99 ea

Bacon - Smoked Streaky (200g) Pialligo

$7.99 ea

Beef - Rump Steak Organic Grass Fed (250g-350g) Belmore

$12.13 ea

Lamb - Koftas Organic Grass Fed (200-350g) Belmore

$10.50 ea

Beef - Mini Meatballs (400g) Nonnas

$8.25 ea

Beef - Rissoles Gourmet (470g) Nonnas

$9.95 ea

Lamb - Leg Butterflied (650-950g)

$18.99 ea

Pork - American Style Ribs (600g-1.1kg) BE Campbell

$24.19 ea

Duck Fat (380g) Sean Connolly

$12.69 ea

Deli - Antipasto Mix (150g) Harris Farm

$5.99 ea

Butcher Online

Ever thought to have your favourite butcher meat at your door step? Well now you can, by shopping with us at Harris Farm Markets Online, our Butcher online makes that thought a reality. Whether we have super busy schedules, fallen ill or have become new parents making that trip down to the local supermarket, is sometimes impossible. With our convenient way to order online makes it that much easier, you won't have to worry about that trip that my be inconvenient.

Our Selection

We have an array of selections to choose from, such as Belmore Organic MeatBelmore Organic Meats are proudly Victoria's first organic butchery established in 1996. Just like Harris Farm, they to are a Family run and operated business, who source their meat from family run organic farmers, that way we guarantee traceability and quality like no other. Their farmers get rewarded for all their hard work and don't get bullied by the large middle men. Belmore meats are certified by Demeter Bio Dynamics and Australian Certified Organics who ensure there are no extra handling from farm to plate.

We also have Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Poultry and even Kangaroo.

How It Works 

The way it works when it comes to ordering online with Harris Farm Markets Online is simple, firstly all you have to do is Become a Friend of The Farmthis way you can receive Dave's Blog, Market updates, Shop Online, and receive Exclusive Promotions and Giveaways. You can reap the rewards of shopping online with Harris Farm Markets.

Delivery Method

Our website is simple, easy and hassle free which makes your delivery that much easier, we have a convenient delivery method that will help ease the frustration of having to queue up at the local supermarket. You have the choice of having your order delivered direct to your home or office with a one hour window, so there's no waiting around for your delivery. You also have the options of leaving a requirement on your order to make a simple and easy transaction. ie " please use sliding door, there is a flight of stairs to my unit or my daughter will be accepting the order on my behalf" whatever your requirements may be, we will do our best to make your delivery hassle free. If you would like to find out more info on our delivery options please click Here