Broccoli Pesto Pasta


broccoli pesto pasta recipe

broccoli pesto pasta recipe

Classic pesto pasta gets a major boost in fibre, vitamins & green goodness with a whole heap of broccoli whizzed into the pesto, making the sauce more substantial, nutritious & creamy while still keeping that classic herby cheesy pesto flavour.



  1. Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil. Blanch the broccoli florets for 3-4 minutes until bright green & just starting to become tender. Remove the broccoli from the water and set in a colander to drain & cool slightly (don’t throw away the water!)
  2. Bring the same pot of water back to the boil again & cook the pasta in it until al-denté.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare the broccoli pesto: place the garlic cloves into the food processor & pulse until finely chopped (you may need to pause & scrape down the sides a few times).
  4. Add the blanched broccoli, basil & toasted pine nuts & process until coarsely ground. Add the cheese & pulse to combine, then with the motor running, drizzle in the olive oil until the paste smoothes out a bit & looks uniformly textured. Have a taste & season with salt & pepper if needed.
  5. Drain the pasta, reserving at least 2-3 cups of the cooking water. Return the pasta to the pot (on the lowest heat possible), & add the broccoli pesto, along with 1.5 cups of the pasta cooking liquid to start with. Toss everything together, & keep adding more pasta water until the sauce loosens enough to coat all the pasta evenly, then serve immediately with plenty of extra parmesan cheese!


Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 15 min
Serves: 4-6

Recipe created by Matters of the Belly


Ingredients for Broccoli Pesto Pasta

Broccoli (head)

$1.90 ea

Broccoli Organic (head)

$1.76 ea

Balducci - Pasta Spirali No.55 (500g)

$1.69 ea

Barilla - Pasta Fusilli No.98 (500g)

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Orgran - Pasta Buckwheat (250g)

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Pastificio - Pasta Eliche (500g)

$5.29 ea

Squisito - Pasta Fusilli Avelli (500g)

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Squisito - Pasta Fusilli 3 Colour (500g)

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Garlic (head)

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Basil (bunch)

$4.49 ea

Harris Farm - Pinenuts (100g)

$5.00 ea

The Market Grocer - Pinenuts (100g)

$8.99 ea

Lemons (each)

$1.00 ea

Lemons Imperfect Pick Value Range (Each = min 500g)

$1.50 ea

Lemons Organic (500g)

$6.69 ea

Parmesan - Parmigiano Cheese (260-360g) Reggiano

$19.08 ea

Parmesan - Grana Padano Cheese (200-330g)

$11.55 ea

Parmesan - Italian (220-320g)

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Parmesan - Grated (180-250g) Harris Farm

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Rosto - Extra Oomph Olive Oil (750mL)

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Colavita - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1L)

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Colavita - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500mL)

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Colavita - Oil Olive (500mL)

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Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L

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