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An Australia Day BBQ is a tradition for many Aussies.

If you’re cooking at home or heading out to a picnic this Australia day here are some helpful tips:

  • A non-stick BBQ liner is great – just place it directly over the hot plate as the BBQ heats up. It will keep your food clean and stop the meat from sticking.
  • Give the BBQ plenty of time to preheat for best results.
  • Oil the meat, not the barbecue or the non-stick sheet it you’re using one.

Cooking snags? Here are our tips:

  • Cut the links between each sausage before cooking, but don’t pierce them.
  • Use tongs to turn sausages, as they cook, not a BBQ fork.
  • Cook them over a moderate heat - too high and they’ll split, ooze fat and burn.
  • Turn them often so they cook evenly.
  • Test them by prodding with tongs - they should be firm to touch, or check by slicing one open in the centre before serving.

Lamb chop and cutlet tips:

  • If you’ve marinated the chops, shake the marinade from the meat, so the meat is not too wet when it hits the heat.
  • Turn the chops once only using tongs. Cook on one side until moisture begins to bead on top, then turn.
  • Rest them for a few minutes before serving (this keeps their flavour and juiciness in)