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Abbotts Bakery - Bread Country Grain (850g)

$5.55 ea

Abbotts Bakery Country Grains 800g

$4.00 ea

Abbotts Bakery Dark Rye 700g

$4.00 ea

Abbotts Bakery Gluten Free Mixed Seeds 500g

$7.80 ea

Abbotts Bakery Light Rye 680g

$4.00 ea

Abbotts Bakery Rustic White 700g

$4.00 ea

Abbotts Bakery Sourdough Rye 760g

$4.00 ea

Abbotts Bakery Wholemeal 750g

$4.00 ea

Abbott’s Village Bakery has earned a reputation for providing premium breads, offering a wide range of products that encapsulate the spirit of a village bakery. The range includes Light Rye, Country Grain, Farmhouse Wholemeal, and Rustic White.



“When more people say your bread tastes better, you know you’re onto something good.”

Abbott’s started in 2009. Abbott's Village Bakery lovingly raises their bread using only the best and tastiest ingredients, without using any artificial additives, colours, or e-numbers.


Free Range Bread

For Abbott’s, free range is the only way to make bread. They like to raise their bread with love and care, let them grow up and roam free in their own unique way. Raising the bread free range also implies nothing artificial is added – just pure goodness. This is what makes each loaf of Abbott’s bread special. A delectable blend of seeds and grains in special bread that will remind you of days gone by.


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Having fresh bread delivered directly to your home or office saves more money and time. It is imperative that bread suppliers are able to provide the needs of their customers whenever they need them. Order your bread now at Harris Farm Markets. Choose from our selection of the finest bread products available from Abbott’s Village Bakery.