3 ways with Quinoa


Last week we showed you how to prepare Quinoa, so we thought this week we should bring you 3 quick and easy ways to enjoy this gluten-free seed.

Our top 3 ways to enjoy Quinoa

As a salad...

Toss cooked quinoa with roasted pumpkin and crumbled goat's cheese for a simple salad or swap cooked quinoa for cracked wheat in tabouli (chopped fresh parsley, chopped tomato and lemon vinaigrette).

As a pilaf...

Cook quinoa in chicken or vegetable stock. Stir in baby spinach, feta and toasted almonds. Serve with grilled chicken.

Or as a tasty (gluten free) stuffing...

  • Swap rice or breadcrumbs for quinoa in a stuffing for roast chicken. Mix with bacon, chopped dried apricots and chopped fresh rosemary.
  • Fill hollowed-out red capsicums with a mixture of cooked quinoa and bolognese sauce. Arrange in a baking dish and pour over passata. Bake until soft.

Ingredients for 3 ways with Quinoa

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