Zero Food Black Rice Toasties 308g

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  • Zero Food Black Rice Toasties | Harris Farm Online
  • Zero Food Black Rice Toasties | Harris Farm Online

Zero Food Black Rice Toasties

What is it?

It’s a bread substitute, it’s a mini pizza base, a cracker substitute to cut up and serve with dips, it could even be a burger patty. The short answer is, it can be whatever you like it to be!

As filling as it is delicious, this fluffy, convenient Toastie needs just 3-4 minutes in the toaster to prepare and you have a healthy meal.


Why Zero Black Rice Toasties?

Where do we start, Vegan, Gluten Free, Low FODMAP, Certified Organic, High in Antioxidants, High Fiber, Low in Fat, Low salt and Zero Sugar. Zero Toasties boast just 4 ingredients. Rice, Water, Salt and Certified Organic Citrus Extract.

Did we mention that they are delicious? Getting kids to eat healthy food was never so easy!


Storage and cooking

Zero Toasties must be kept refrigerated and consumed within 5 days of opening the packaging.

Remove from fridge and take one Toastie out of the plastic packaging.

Place in any conventional Toaster on setting 3-4 depending on preferred level of crispiness.

Be careful when taking the Toastie out of the toaster, it will be hot!

Once toasted to your liking, finish with preferred toppings and enjoy!

See back of packaging for recipe ideas

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