Wolf Lane Distillery Davidson Plum Gin 500ml

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Wolf Lane Distillery Davidson Plum Gin 

Wolf Lane Distillery is a distillery in the heart of Cairns, Far North Queensland. There gins and liqueurs are handcrafted with a strong focus on local ingredients to deliver a slice of paradise in every sip.

Wolf Lane Distillery opened in 2019 in a historical building dating back to the early 1900’s.There passion has been to create spirits that pay homage to Tropical North Queensland and its incredible selection of botanicals. We seek to support local farmers and growers that opt for sustainable and organic farming. This not only ensures the freshest produce is used, but also allows us to distil truly unique Australia spirits and liqueurs.

There vapour infusion involves placing the fresh and delicate botanicals in there copper gin basket which sits above the base spirit. As the ethanol begins to vaporise, it passes through the botanicals and becomes infused with their oils and flavours. These will stay locked into the vapour as it is condensed and transformed back to a liquid state. This is a less intense form of distillation as the botanicals aren’t being directly soaked and macerated in the base spirit, meaning these botanicals will have a much more subtle flavour than the ones which have been steeped overnight.

Tasting Notes
Davidson Plum Gin is a tropical take on the traditional sloe gin; swapping sloe berries for locally grown Far North Queensland Davidson Plums. The plums are steeped in there Tropical Gin for up to 3 months to produce a truly unique sloe style gin. With an earthy aroma that is reminiscent of plum jam, stewed rhubarb and a touch of sweetness, it makes for a perfect after dinner gin. Best served on ice or in a delicious cocktail.

Wolf Lane Distillery Davidson Plum Gin Awards:

  • Silver Medal – San Diego Spirit Awards 2021
  • Blue Ribbon Judges Choice Award - Australian International Spirits Competition 2020
  • Gold Medal - Australian International Spirits Competition 2020
  • Gold Medal – Ginnation Australia’s Consumer Awards 2020
  • Bronze - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2020
  • Bronze - 91points - Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2020

ALC/VOL 37.5%

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