Upple Pink Lady Juice 130ml

$2.49 ea
  • Upple Pink Lady Juice | Harris Farm Online
  • Upple Pink Lady Juice | Harris Farm Online

Upple Pink Lady

A special process made from 99.9% whole apples. Now you can enjoy deliciously drinkable whole apple goodness on the run!

INGREDIENTS: Whole cored apples (99.9%), Vitamin C (.1%)

Each deliciously smooth 130mL serving contains

  • Nutrient rich peel
  • At least 2 grams of fibre
  • No added sugar or nasties

Also, an Australian gem, the Pink Lady was developed by John Cripps in 1973 by crossing an Australian Lady Williams apple with a Golden delicious to create a firm, pink-hued apple has a perfect sweet-tart flavour and effervescent finish.

Known as the Cripps Pink and trade-marked globally as Pink Lady and is Australia’s favourite apple! The delicious Pink Lady is a nutrition power house, containing more flavonoids (powerful antioxidants) than any other apple. A study conducted by the University of Western Australia found that apples rich in flavonoids can help regulate blood pressure and protect against heart disease.

The Pink Lady is also versatile. Enjoy as a snack or in salads, baking and cooking.

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