Upple Granny Smith Juice 130ml

$2.49 ea
  • Upple Granny Smith Juice | Harris Farm Online
  • Upple Granny Smith Juice | Harris Farm Online

Upple Granny Smith

A special process made from 99.9% whole apples. Now you can enjoy deliciously drinkable whole apple goodness on the run!

INGREDIENTS: Whole cored apples (99.9%), Vitamin C (.1%)

Each deliciously smooth 130mL serving contains

  • Nutrient rich peel
  • At least 2 grams of fibre
  • No added sugar or nasties

The Granny Smith Apple is an Australian gem! Discovered as a chance seedling by Maria Ann (Granny) Smith in Sydney in 1868, the delicious Granny Smith apple is known globally for its bright green colour, firm white flesh and tart flavour.

The nutritious and versatile Granny Smith apple is a health superstar! Of all apple varieties, the humble Granny Smith contains the most PECTIN or fibre (most of which is found in the peel) and other important PREBIOTICS, including polyphenols. This high prebiotic content makes the Granny Smith the top GUT BALANCING APPLE for helping to manage manage obesity, diabetes & weight loss.

The Granny Smith apple is perfect for snacking or in salads, baking & cooking. 

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