Underground Spirits Shiraz Gin 700ml

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Established in 2017, Underground Spirits has quickly become a leader in the craft spirits industry. Our innovative “cryofiltration” technique ensures exceptionally pure and smooth spirits by eliminating impurities at the molecular level. We are committed to excellence and sustainability. We use the finest ingredients, including sustainably grown NSW wheat and pristine water from the Snowy Mountains. Our dedication to quality extends to our premium vodkas and gins, recognised with numerous international awards.

Our CEO, Claudia Roughley, embodies our passion for crafting extraordinary spirits. She says, “I am all about spirits, the experience, our brand. Sharing our premium spirits and watching people’s faces light up with a ‘wow’ when they taste them—that is what I thrive on.” Underground Spirits proudly brings Canberra to the world, championing innovation, sustainability, and the essence of Australian spirit-making.


700ml, 40%ABV

What serendipity - a striking gin, unique with each batch. The foundation is Underground's multi award-winning gin, with multiplication of Tasmanian pepperberry allowing it to dominate the blend from the still. The maturing process is in shiraz oak barrels handed over from local region winemakers, for around eight weeks. The results are a remarkable uniqueness - each batch derived from the individual flavour qualities of each barrel. This is an absolute modern classic.

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