Underground Spirits Caramel Vodka 700ml

$58.00 ea

Underground Spirits - Caramel Vodka

High quality, pure Australian Vodka, meticulously handcrafted from local ingredients. Gently folded in with caramel to produce an exquisite sticky sweet and creamy, buttery, vodka. 

For the base we start with our multi award-winning vodka which has been meticulously crafted from locally sourced, high quality, Australian ingredients. Post distillation our cryofiltration process ensures all impurities are removed, leaving us with a with a vodka of unsurpassed purity and clarity. We then gently fold the caramel into the vodka. Purely indulgent and moreish, this caramel vodka is silky smooth on the palate. 

700ml 40% ABV 

Tasting Notes: Warm and sticky sweet with a creamy, buttery, sweet mouthfeel

Bronze medal: 2017 Global Spirit Awards Las Vegas 

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