Ujinotsuyu Sencha Japanese Green Teabags x20 40g

$5.49 ea

Ujinotsuyu - Sencha Japanese Green Tea

Sencha (Japanese Tea)

Sencha is the most popular Japanese tea. Sencha has refreshing taste and suits not only having a meal also anytime you want.

In general, sencha is green tinged with yellow and has a well-balanced combination of aroma, umami and bitterness, providing you with a feeling of luxury that increases with the grade of green tea.

Sencha L Tea Bag

Sencha tea bag for a cup. It is a very popular product for exporting, we have sold this product more than 40 year in all over the world. The envelope is made from aluminum that keeps the freshness longer.

Ujinotsuyu is sold more than 40 years over 50 countries.
In overseas market, we are known as leading company of Japanese tea. Most of all Ujinotsuyu products has English description.

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