Trilogy Cat Food Australian Barramundi With Tuna and Freeze Dried New Zealand Lamb 1.8kg

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Trilogy Barramundi Adult Cat Food

At TRILOGY we have created a range of high quality, instinctual, grain free cat food to help your cat eat, rest and play as they would in nature. We believe that every cat deserves the freedom to be their natural independent self, living in harmony with their instincts. Cats have survived in the wild for thousands of years by using the essential elements in nature to provide them with the strongest foundations for a healthy, harmonious life. TRILOGY uses a combination of 3 sustaining ingredients to help keep them naturlly healthy.

Features & benefits
β€’ High Quality Protein - we source quality and novel proteins, expertly used in our food and treats for protein filled nutrition cats need and naturally crave.
β€’ Natural Grasses - Cats naturally eat grasses in the wild for overall health and to help digestion. Our kibble recipes contain natural grasses and fibre to help support cats digestive health
β€’ Water - a source of life. Trilogy wet cans made with quality water in a hydrating rich bone broth for a healthy cat

TRILOGY offers a full range of textures and varieties that cats crave and are all high in the protein they need for optimal nutrition. Our recipes are carefully designed by pet nutritionists to be all natural with added vitamins and minerals for optimal health and are free from corn, wheat and soy, no artifical colours or artificial preservatives.

Advice Care
Remember to have clean, fresh water available for your companion at all times. Store in a cool dry place, protect from moisture.

β€’ Australian Barramundi with Pacific Island Tuna + New Zealand Lamb pieces
β€’ Rich in protein that your cat naturally desires
β€’ High quality grain free kibble
β€’ Natural Alfafa grass and fibre to support healthy digestion
β€’ Yucca extract to help reduce litter box odour
β€’ Natural cellulose to help support the control of hairballs
β€’ Kangaroo from the Australian outback, sustainably sourced in it's natural environment
β€’ Terracycle approved & recyclable packaging.

Feeding Guide
1-3kg cat – feed between 20g and 45g per day
3-5kg cat – feed between 45g and 65g per day
5-7kg cat – feed between 65g and 80g per day

Ingredients - Barramundi meat, Pea Protein, Fish Meal, Lentils, Peas, Salmon meal, Tuna meal, Animal Fat (Beef), Freeze Dried Lamb, Tapioca Starch, Digest, Beet Pulp, Cellulose Fibre, Salt, Vitamins and Minerals, Dipotassium Phosphate, Alfalfa grass, Chicory Root Inulin, Taurine, Methionine , Nature Antioxidants, Yucca Extract

Life Stage - Adult
Flavour - Fish
Breed - All
Product Category - Dry Food

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