The Kimchi Company Original Kimchi 330g

$6.99 ea

The Kimchi Company Original

This mild Kimchi is tangy and umami. The Cabbage is sourced from the mountains of Korea ensuring a crisp bite. Delicious and effervescent from fermentation.

  • High altitude Baechu (Napa Cabbage)
  • Made in Korea
  • Alive with Gut healthy probiotics
  • Mild and Tangy


Korean Cabbage, Red Chili pepper powder, Radish, Fermented Anchovy sauce, Salt, Garlic, Rice powder, Sugar, Onion, Spring Onion, Ginger, Fermented Shrimp Sauce

Authentic Kimchi - Made in Korea

Made using 100% Korean ingredients for that authentic taste
Not only is our “baechu” cabbage grown in South Korea, but we also use 100% Korean ingredients to bring you the most authentic Korean Kimchi!  

Good for your gut, your skin and health.
Full of live probiotic bacteria and fibre, our baechu Kimchi will keep your gut happy and healthy. The lactobacillus bacteria also keep your skin glowing! Who needs a Korean skincare?
Promoting digestion, it also reduces your risk of cancer with its flavonoids and glucosinolates!
Too good to be true? Google me!  

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