Tassal Tassie Hot Smoked Salmon Pepper 150g

$11.99 ea

Tassal Tassie Hot Smoked Salmon Pepper 

Tassal Cooked Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Fillets are a delicious and convenient way to eat salmon.

Previously known as Hot Smoked Salmon, we’ve renamed them to Cooked Salmon Fillets as that is exactly what they are! Cooked, smoked and ready-to-eat!

Our salmon fillets are cured with sea salt and smoked over beechwood until cooked through. The cooking process intensifies the salmon’s rich delicious flavour and firm texture, so it’s like enjoying fresh baked salmon but with a smokey flavour. The Salmon is then coated in cracked peppercorns, perfect for those who enjoy an additional flavour hit!

The Cooked Salmon Fillets are then vacuum sealed for freshness and convenience.


Tasmanian Grown Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) (93%), Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper Spice

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